• When should you go fishing?

    Let the Fishcaster mobile app find the best days and times to hit the water.

    How Does it work?

    interface to allow user to select fishing weather preferences

    First, select your fishing weather preferences

    Do you generally have the most luck on cloudy days with a light breeze out of the south and a slight chance for rain?  Enter that criteria along with the location of the body of water.  Or, if you don't have any specific preferences, just select one of our built in criteria.  Multiple sets of preferences and locations can be saved to cover all of your future fishing situations. 

    Then, let the Fishcaster go to work

    Fishcaster crunches the data to determine how well your weather preferences match with the forecast from Weather Underground.  The mornings, afternoons, and evenings for the next 7 days are given scores.  The higher the score, the more closely the forecast matches your weather preferences.  Click on a day and time period to see your preferences compared to the forecast.

    Finally, fish in the best weather

    Whether you want to have the most fishing success or just want to be safe and comfortable, the Fishcaster app can help you get out on the water at the right time.  

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